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Congratulation to Hotgen Biotech Winning Independment Innovation Award of China Instruments Manufactures Association

May 23rd, 11: 30-12: 00 am, at the National Convention Center, 2016 annual Independent Innovation Awards selection result were issued and held the ceremony.

Five gold awards and four silver awards were selected out this time, Hotgen Biotech won CISILE2016 Independent Innovation Gold Award. The deputy general manager attended the ceremony.

CISILE Independent Innovation Awards selection activities were selected out byinspection team comprised of the Instrument and meter industry experts, university professors,scientific research staff of key research institutes, according to prescribed procedures and standards, after a preliminary hearing, centralized review and on-site assessment, mark and secret ballots of assessor,Deputy assessor and all the experts. Since it was established in 2004, the award has lasted 12 years. Products awarded have obvious innovation points, high technology level, get access to a variety of patents and software copyrights, the technologies are in the domestic leading position, some products reach or approach the technological level of International similar products.


Hotgen Biotech concern clinical diagnostics and public safety tests, committed to the development of new type in-vitro diagnostic technology platform, innovative products, products are widely used in the fields of clinical POCT, liver cancer early diagnosis, food safety, bio-terrorism,etc. This time Hotgen win the Gold Award by its independment innovation strength, obtained recognition ofChina Instruments Manufactures Association, It deserved the gold award.

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