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With the fast-spreading mutations of the Novel Coronavirus, Hotgen Biotech has successfully developed a freeze-dried Novel Coronavirus Mutant Identification Kit!

One wave after another, with the Novel Coronavirus still raging around the world, the mutation of the virus strain has made it more difficult to prevent and control the epidemic


It has been reported that the U.K. Novel Coronavirus variant strain B.1.1.7 has a spreading speed of 70% higher than that of the previous strain, and the case-fatality rate is 30% higher than that of the original virus;


Coincidentally, a Novel Coronavirus strain B.1.351 discovered in South Africa is considered to be at least 50% more infectious than the original virus. What is even more frightening is that a key mutation in its spike protein makes it resistant to vaccines or natural immunity. In other words, the vaccine may not be able to work.


In response to the complex impact and new challenges of the Novel Coronavirus mutation on global epidemic prevention and control. The research and development team of Hotgen Biotech quickly tackled key problems in the identification and detection of the Novel Coronavirus mutation. So far, it has successfully developed a Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit that can simultaneously distinguish the U.K. mutant strain B.1.1.7 and the South African mutant strain B.1.351.


The detection reagent uses the ARMS method (amplification-refractory mutation system) to detect the main mutation sites of the mutant strain, which can be detected on a fluorescent quantitative PCR machine. The detection reagent adopts full-component freeze-drying technology, which can be stored and transported at room temperature.


In the first half of 2020, the full-component freeze-dried powder-type Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) nucleic acid detection kit (PCR-fluorescent probe method) developed by the Key Laboratory of Biotechnology and Biological Emergency and Clinical POCT (Beijing) has obtained CE certification. The successful development of a new type of coronavirus mutant strain identification test reagent will further contribute to the global epidemic prevention and control.

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