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  • International regional technical support
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  • [Job Responsibilities]

    1. High integrity and professionalism, abide by the company's relevant regulations, and a strong team spirit;

    2. College degree or above, professional background in biomedical engineering or electronic engineering;

    3. After-sales experience of clinical test products is preferred;

    4. Strong communication and coordination skills;

    5. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;

    6. Can adapt to overseas business trips;

    This position is for all regions of the world

    [Job requirements]

    1. Carry out installation and maintenance training tasks for international customers;

    2. Provide technical support to international customers and handle customer complaints;

    3. Organize maintenance records and summarize maintenance experience;

    4. Timely feedback on product quality issues, collect customer evaluations and suggestions on products and timely feedback;

    5. Assist in participating in the international market and assist sales to complete the corresponding technical support work;

  • International Regional Sales Manager (countries around the world)
    QS required
    Host country
  • [Job Responsibilities]

    Foreign trade experience in medical equipment and diagnostic reagents is preferred

    1) Unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, majors in international trade, business English, medical and biological related majors, CET-6 or above, strong listening, speaking and writing skills;

    2) Familiar with foreign trade related processes, with more than 1 year working experience in foreign trade business;

    3) Strong judgment and negotiation skills, strong development ability, mature and stable, able to withstand work pressure, and good at independent thinking and problem solving.

    4) Have strong market analysis and business development capabilities;

    5) Have a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility.

    [Job requirements]

    Responsible for investment promotion in overseas markets in different countries

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